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I now have a art com... cleverly named xterm_art... yeah, my grasp of originality is special...

right now it's a f-only com because most of the stuff in it are copies etc., and I don't want to be hunted down by the art thief police... that said I do agree with what they do and support their efforts. However, I'm aware of what I'm doing and give credit to whomever I stole borrowed from...

I figure that from this point on post my art there...
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more copy, copy, copy

I have managed to continue working on my copying regiment!! (which is sad to say something I cannot usually brag about with my self-discipline... or rather lack of...) Not all have been successful... but sigh... that is why I'm doing this in the first place, lol!!

Anyway, I thought I would share another one of my more 'successful' drawings... It's Constantine copied from City of Demons, original's by Sean Murphy... I did change a few things in the drawing... I dislike Murphy's noses so I did my own instead... And it was Murphy that put him in a leather coat, not me...

anyhoo... onward, upward...

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Great... just great


Ok... what brain cells in my head had to die for me to think that it was a good idea to buy 'lite brie'??
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kitty in action

Look and see :)

I have two new comic artists I'm becoming obsessed with... Sean Gordon Murphy http://www.seangordonmurphy.com/ and Fiona Staples http://www.fionastaples.com (bonus too, she's Canadian.. I know that shouldn't mean anything but hey I can have some pride :)

Yeah I know that my icon has nothing to do with either but I still do like Ben and I'm too cheap to upgrade to get more icons... though I think I need to re-sort what I have... YAY!! another time killer so I can avoid work!!
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Just me


Does anyone on my f-list watch the Mentalist?? I would love to hear what you thought about the freakin' amazing season finale!! (well at least I thought it was... :)
Wolf Jump

more drawbles :)

I had this mini delusion that I would do and post a picture a day for the next thirty days... not so... but considering that this is more activity than I've done in like forever I guess I'm doing ok :) Hopefully more on Monday :)

Yeah, it's another drawable... (one day finished art) if I do plan on doing a pile of these promo photo 'let's get back into the saddle' art maybe I should open a new drawing journal so not to test the patience of my f-list :) (any comments??)

Anyway, another total Drawbable done in pencil.

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kitty in action


Somehow my facebook has collected a virus that connects me to an alternate place my web browser is telling me... it's just sad that the only way some people are happy is when they piss off other people that have never done them any harm...
Great... just great

yet more drawbles...

Second day in a row for me to post a drawble... maybe one day soon I'll actually finish a drawing... (possibly a sign of the Apocalypse, yeah, well not really... :)

I don't know how many on my f-list are into the Mentalist... but here is a drawble of Mr. Jane
(yeah, yeah it's another adaption of a promo shot... I really need to just some more of these until I get my drawing legs back... so f-list please have patience... thank you!! and hugs!!)

Total Drawbable done in pencil.

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